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Quality Financial Advice for all Australians

Quality financial advice that's convenient and won't cost you the earth.

Find out how Merlin Money will help you implement tax effective investment and insurance strategies to build and protect your financial future.

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Merlin MoneyWise Series

Our Merlin MoneyWise series is designed to help you get the most from financial advice.

Covering a range of fundamental concepts, these guides present opportunities and strategies to discuss with your Merlin Adviser.


Investment Concepts & Gearing 


With our investments guides below, you can learn more about things like, risks, growth assets and managed funds.




Super is a preferred, government-endorsed way to save for your retirement. There are also some added tax benefits you may not know about.


Debt Management


These guides will help you understand the main types of loan facilities, their risks and what type of features they have.


Personal & Business Insurance


Read our guides to find out about the common types of personal insurance cover is available.


Tax Considerations


Find out more about the main tax you pay and how it’s calculated on income you receive like your salary, investment income and business income.


Retirement Income

We all want to finish work one day and have a handy sum of money put away. Read our retirement options to help you make choices towards retiring in comfort.


Estate Planning

Getting yourself ready for the unexpected isn’t easy. These guides will teach why you should have a will and how important it is to plan where your money will go after you die.


Self-Managed Super


If you’re looking to gain greater control of your super portfolio, then a self-managed super fund may help you do that.

Social Security


Learn more about the range of social security services and payments the Australian Government offers, and how they can help you if you’re in need.

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