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Pinterest Fails [CRACKED]

As you're browsing your Pinterest feed, have you noticed the influx of adorable reindeer cookies, strawberry Santa hats, and melted snowmen cookies this holiday season? They are too cute not to pin! Unfortunately, many brave souls have attempted these recipes with downright disastrous results. Of the thousands of #PinterestFails to happen this Christmas, these 15 recipes have proven to be the most popular fails. Avoid at all costs (but not before LOL-ing a little).

pinterest fails

Where there are Pinterest pins there are Pinterest fails, and over the years there have been some doozies! But as they say, "if at first you don't succeed, share your failures with the world" . . . or something like that. Here are a few of our favorite fails.

As crafty folks and DIY junkies explore the internet for the festive new trends this season, Pinterest fails will inevitably happen. (More inevitable than a Halloween candy basket filled with stupid Almond Joys.)

The polish barely dry, Andersen started a blog: Pinterest Fail ( Though launched with all her own failures, Andersen now curates half a dozen submissions daily, showcasing do-it-yourself projects that looked great online but, in reality, have gone horribly awry.

If you've ever tried to recreate an impossibly cute cake that you saw on Pinterest and then wound up with a melting mound of brown and purple fondant, you've probably been tempted to post a picture of your failure with a dry, sarcastic caption: "Nailed it." Well, now there's a whole show about that. Netflix's Nailed It baking show brings your Pinterest fails to life and the hilarity is honestly next-level. Seriously, I had no idea that it would be this much more satisfying to watch people fail at baking than to succeed. I feel so understood right now.

Our mates over at Bored Panda documented the vast difference between Pinterest expectation versus reality with these Pinterest photo submissions fails from parents who have attempted to duplicate professional photo shoots and ended up, with, well, these gems instead. 041b061a72


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