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Download Android Os For Oracle Virtualbox

Step 1: Go to the Android x86 official website ( and click the Download button. On the Android x86 download page, choose a download website as your will (FOSSHUB, OSDN, or SourceForge).

Download Android Os For Oracle Virtualbox

11. Click on Storage and click on the empty optical drive and click on the little disk on top right left and click on Virtual Optical Disk File and browse to select the android file we downloaded on step 2.

This tutorial shows how to use VirtualBox to accelerate debugging of Android apps with native components. We will show how to create an Android VirtualBox VM, configure it for debugging and use VisualGDB to debug the San-Angeles project. Before you begin, download the latest VirtualBox and get an x86 Android ISO from the website.

First, let's discuss why we would use Genymotion, and what VirtualBox is for. Genymotion is an Android emulator, meaning it emulates a mobile device via a VirtualBox (which allows us to run the Android OS on our operating systems). This emulation allows us to access real-time Android capabilities such as using the browser, downloading apps via the Play Store, or accessing the front/back camera - as we would with our actual device. We use device emulators for a variety of things, such as testing our Android apps that we made, or for android pen-testing. Now, a better method to test our apps is to use a rooted android device, and this requires a physical device, but that's a tutorial on its own. 076b4e4f54


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