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Where To Buy Wicked Weed Beer __LINK__

Wicked Weed Brewing was awarded a gold medal for both 100% Brettanomyces Serenity in 2013, Mompara Honey Ale in 2014, a silver medal for Pernicious IPA in 2015, and a silver medal for Lunatic Belgian Blonde at the Great American Beer Festival. The brewery also received a bronze medal for Tyrant Double Red IPA in 2014, a bronze medal for La Bonté Pear in 2016 and a bronze medal for Red Angel in 2016 at the World Beer Cup. Wicked Weed continued its expansion in summer 2015 with a 50-barrel production brewery allowing for a wider distribution footprint in select states, and added a sour and wild dedicated brewery and barrel-house in South Asheville in fall 2016. Learn more at

where to buy wicked weed beer

The variety pack of imperial stout, appropriately branded Guilty Pleasures, includes flavors like brownies, s'mores, German chocolate cake, and milk and cookies. Um, yum! While bold flavors can sometimes compromise the integrity of a beer by overpowering the natural taste of it, that is fortunately not the case for these high-quality imperial stouts. So don't worry about it tasting artificial or overly sweet, because the Guilty Pleasures variety pack is truly the perfect balance of decadent desserts and imperial stout. Keep reading to see the specific flavors now, and use Wicked Weed Brewing's online beer finder to see where you can purchase the four-pack for yourself.

Wicked Weed is definitely growing like a weed. Their craft brewery and restaurant opened in December 2012 in downtown Asheville (at 91 Biltmore Avenue, next to the Orange Peel) and has become of the most popular tourist attractions in town! They create 130 different styles of beer a year. Every day, they have a rotating 29 big flavored brews on tap, including hop forward, West Coast style ales and open fermented Belgians. Their downtown hotspot has a restaurant with great outdoor dining (that's dog friendly) upstairs and a Tasting Room with dining downstairs. In late 2014, they opened the nearby Funkatorium in the South Slope Brewery District to focus on their rapidly growing line of barrel aged wild and sour beers (see below for more).

In solidarity with other brewers, craft beer shops and bars decided to stop selling Wicked Weed and other AB InBev products. It started in Asheville, North Carolina, where Wicked Weed is based, then moved to Charlotte, North Carolina, and beyond. Bars and bottle shops from the Carolinas to Texas to Colorado have announced their last purchase of any AB InBev products.

Logsdon Farmhouse Ales is a less-known quantity in DC, mostly because Hood River, OR is harder to get to than Asheville, NC, but the brewery makes some excellent saisons, led by Seizoen Bretta. Think Boulevard's Saison-Brett, but earthier, spicier, more rustic, and more funky and you're close. Mike Stein is partial to their tripel. Homebrewers may recognize the Logsdon name as brewery founder and director David Logsdon started Wyeast Laboratories prior to striking out on his own in 2011. Unlike Wicked Weed, which employs over 200 people, Logsdon, now owned by a limited liability corporation, Uptown Market, LLC, has less than 15. Whereas Wicked Weed has made in excess of 375 (!) distinct beers in under 4 years of brewing, Logsdon has made less than 25 in 5 years. We have less information on when and where you'll see Logsdon around town, but they're coming. 750mL bottles should retail for $20 if prices in New York and Chicago are bellweathers. 041b061a72


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