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Yeremey Boars
Yeremey Boars

3d Amanda A Dream Come True Zip

our sopralti was awarded a recital prize by the late dr. andrew highsmith. recently, the choir has had the honor of performing in carnegie hall and the kennedy center. our treble choir was awarded a $1,000 prize by the prince consort society for the art. these honors are priceless. the achievements of the choir are truly amazing.

3d amanda a dream come true zip


but the real star of the show was principal mcgiffert. mcgiffert moved to blair in the late 90s after serving as a high school principal, educator and, when necessary, an administrator. he was ready for a new adventure. the opportunities at blair - its multi-cultural student population and small class size - made it the perfect place to contribute and make a difference.

as the anniversary activities came to a close, principal mcgiffert pondered what lessons blair would take home to its students and alumni in the months and years to come. even as director of school advancement deborah bednar asked blair alums and former students to write their own anniversary anniversaries, it was the sense of community that had him imagining new possibilities for blair.

architect david lang has designed this years head of the housatonic regatta to be authentic and as green as possible. he also has designed a visual program in the dubois theatre that highlights blairs 175th year. the visual program includes the schools history as seen through the windows of the dubois theatre. with plans underway for this fall, we look forward to celebrating this milestone year at blair with our alumni, friends, families, faculty, staff, students, alumni network and new students and their families.


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