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How to Hack Strucid with Aimbot, ESP and Fly Scripts

How to Hack Strucid with Aimbot, ESP and Fly Scripts

Strucid is a popular 3D shooter game on Roblox that lets you fight friends and enemies with crazy fun building mechanics[^2^]. If you want to dominate the game and have an unfair advantage over other players, you might be interested in using some hack scripts that can give you features like aimbot, ESP and fly.


Aimbot is a script that automatically aims at your enemies and shoots them for you. ESP is a script that shows you the location, health and name of other players through walls. Fly is a script that lets you fly around the map and avoid damage.

There are many hack scripts available online for Strucid, but some of them might not work or might get you banned. One of the best and safest scripts that we found is the one by Bugxie[^1^], which you can download from his YouTube video description. This script has been tested and updated regularly, and it works with most exploits.

To use this script, you will need an exploit program that can inject code into Roblox. There are many free and paid exploits out there, but we recommend using Synapse X, which is the most popular and trusted one. You can buy Synapse X from its official website for $20.

Once you have Synapse X installed, follow these steps to hack Strucid:

  • Open Synapse X and select the Strucid game from the list.

  • Copy and paste the script code from Bugxie's video description into the text box.

  • Click on Execute to run the script.

  • Enjoy your hacked features in Strucid!

Note: Use these hacks at your own risk. We do not condone cheating or violating Roblox's terms of service. You might get reported or banned by other players or moderators if you abuse these hacks.If you want to learn more about how these hacks work and how to customize them, you can watch Bugxie's video tutorial, where he explains the features and settings of the script. He also shows some gameplay footage of him using the hacks in Strucid.

Some of the features and settings that you can adjust are:

  • Aimbot mode: You can choose between silent aim, which is more discreet and accurate, or normal aim, which is more obvious and fast.

  • Aimbot key: You can choose which key to press to activate the aimbot. The default key is E.

  • ESP mode: You can choose between box ESP, which shows a box around the players, or skeleton ESP, which shows their bones.

  • ESP color: You can choose the color of the ESP. The default color is green.

  • Fly key: You can choose which key to press to toggle the fly mode. The default key is X.

You can also enable or disable any of these features by typing commands in the chat box. For example, typing .aimbot on will turn on the aimbot, and typing .aimbot off will turn it off. You can find the full list of commands in the script code.

We hope you enjoyed this article and learned something new. Remember to have fun and respect other players in Strucid. Happy hacking! e0e6b7cb5c


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