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Kotor 2 Thorium Charges

The player character in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords can obtain thorium charges from Akkere through dialogue near the end of the Dantooine mission or by killing the merchant, and can find them on Korriban accompanied by a datapad highlighting their destructive nature. The charges are in a nearby footlocker, and if the player character chooses to "bash open" the footlocker instead of cracking its lock, the thorium charges detonate, causing damage to all party members nearby.

Kotor 2 Thorium Charges

Now, I read a walkthrough which told me to look out for Thorium charges which could be used to acces the second stash. However, I only found Thorium on Korriban, where you are supposed to use it on that locked door in the Academy(sideline: I do not suppose that there would be a way to get to that holocron without destroying it?).

You can also get Thorium charges from Akkere, the droidshop owner on Dantooine. When you ask him to join the militia, don't use the Hydrospanner option on him. There are other dialogue choices that will lead to you buying the charges from him, and in turn he will join the militia. I can't remember the option to choose. :">

I have noticed this omission before and never understood it. I know once I get the thorium charges I can add to them but sometimes like when you land on Dxun and maybe don't have them yet for the first Mandalorian cache you come across it might be helpful

Hey TK if I did just throw the uti in the override would that cause the thorium charges to show up randomly in places (ie. footlockers and other placeables) or would that require scripting them to just certain ones?

It will not cause the thorium to appear randomly. All it will do is make the template globally available to scripts that explicitly call for it. In other words, you could have a script on the Star Forge that calls CreateItemOnObject to spawn the thorium into a container, whereas if you did not place the thorium uti in the Override, that script would fail.

When you reach the terminal enter as a new recruit. Then select the student ID number 3401726-B853S5O0X001. Now, grant yourself access to the course materials and the doorway that leads to the north western passage (from the middle of the academy) will open up. Travelling to this area is necessary because you will receive thorium charges needed to open the locked door at the very west of the academy. Thorium charges can also be used to blow open the weapons cache in the woods outside of the Mandalorian outpost. Read the working computer console in this area to gain knowledge needed to pass the written test. Return to the training console and enter these answers to pass the test:

The door to the Library in the upper left wall of the academy's hub is now open, within which you'll find another computer panel, and the thorium charges needed to open the Sealed Door at the left end of the academy.

You can find thorium charges in a military locker at the back of the Library. There's a Sith holocron by the back wall opposite the now open door. If Darth Revan wasn't redeemed, then a hologram is displayed:

Find a text editor like Notepad and then look for the file called "swkotor2.ini". In that document you should find a 'Game Options section' and you will want to enter 'EnableCheats=1' there. Now save that file and open up the game!


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