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Brandon Vid: The Author of Dubrovacki Gusar, a Historical Adventure Novel Set in 16th Century Dubrovnik

Brandon Vid: The Author of Dubrovacki Gusar, a Historical Adventure Novel Set in 16th Century Dubrovnik

Dubrovacki Gusar (The Pirate of Dubrovnik) is a series of 15 novels written by Brandon Vid, a pseudonym of Branko VidiÄ, a Croatian writer and journalist. The novels tell the story of Niko Bartulo, a young Dubrovnik sailor and adventurer who fights against the Venetian invaders and becomes a legendary pirate. The novels are based on a true story that happened in the area of Dubrovnik in the 16th century.

The novels were first published in 1937 and have been reprinted several times since then. They are considered to be among the best examples of historical adventure novels in Croatian literature, comparable to the works of Alexandre Dumas, Jules Verne and others. The novels are full of exciting plots, unexpected twists, constant conflicts of love and hate, and vivid descriptions of the historical and cultural context of Dubrovnik.

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Brandon Vid was born in 1900 in Zagreb and died in 1977 in Belgrade. He was a prolific writer who wrote more than 100 novels, as well as short stories, essays, plays and screenplays. He was also a journalist who worked for various newspapers and magazines. He used several pen names, such as Branko VidiÄ, Branislav VidoviÄ, Branislav VidiÄ and others. He is best known for his historical novels, especially Dubrovacki Gusar, which has been translated into several languages and adapted into comics, radio dramas and movies.

If you are interested in reading Dubrovacki Gusar by Brandon Vid, you can find it online or buy it on Amazon[^1^]. You can also read a PDF version of the first novel on Scribd[^2^]. You can also check out some reviews and ratings of the series on Goodreads[^1^].

Dubrovacki Gusar is not only a thrilling adventure novel, but also a historical document that portrays the life and culture of Dubrovnik in the 16th century. Dubrovnik was a prosperous city-state that enjoyed a high degree of autonomy and trade relations with various countries. It was also a center of culture, art and science, where many famous writers, poets, painters and scholars lived and worked. Dubrovnik was known for its republican system of government, its diplomatic skills and its maritime power.

However, Dubrovnik also faced many challenges and threats from its powerful neighbors, especially the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Venice. The novels depict the conflicts and intrigues that took place between Dubrovnik and Venice, as well as the internal struggles and divisions within Dubrovnik itself. The novels also show the impact of the Renaissance, the Reformation and the Counter-Reformation on the society and culture of Dubrovnik.

The main character of the novels, Niko Bartulo, is a fictional representation of a historical figure, Nikola BartuloviÄ, who was a real pirate of Dubrovnik. He was born in 1538 and died in 1617. He was a brave and charismatic leader who organized a group of sailors and pirates who attacked and plundered Venetian ships and ports. He was also a lover and a seducer who had many affairs with women from different social classes and backgrounds. He was a hero to the people of Dubrovnik and a menace to the Venetians. 0efd9a6b88


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