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Pammal K. Sambandam Full Movie Eng Sub Download

Pammal K. Sambandam was released on 14 January 2002, Pongal day,[12] and became a major commercial success, easily recovering its investment due to the low budget.[13] Malathi Rangarajan of The Hindu claimed that "if Mouli had sustained the humorous strain throughout, PKS would have turned out to be a complete comic treat from start to finish. Why he did not do it remains a riddle." The critic also praised the lead performances and Crazy Mohan's dialogue writing.[14] Rajita of described it as "an average film", stating that the only "real highpoint is 'Crazy' Mohan's dialogues".[15] BizHat said, "While Pammal K Sambantham does provide good humor, it falls short to be considered as a full-length comedy movie because of its unbalanced mix of drama and humor".[16] Visual Dasan of Kalki wrote called the film "above average", saying Deva's music did not help the film in any major way, but Mohan's dialogues and Moulee's direction were the film's saving graces.[17]

Pammal K. Sambandam full movie eng sub download


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