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Automaton Story [v0.1.1] [REPACK]

The story of a guy who lives with his sister without parents. He suddenly finds a robot (automaton) that looks like a girl, but it is broken.The main character will have to repair the automaton and face the problems that she brought herself.[From]

Automaton Story [v0.1.1]

In the game, you can meet the main characters, such as: a younger sister, a friend's mother, a childhood friend, an automaton, a sister's friend, a teacher, and other minor characters with whom you can have sexual relations.

I'm on version 0.1.0 and the hints are telling me to take the automaton to the factory but nothing happens no matter who I interact with. And it wants me to ask Monika about the thief but the only option with her is "nothing". Does anyone know what to do?

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In Automaton Story, a guy lives with his sister, and his life isn't exactly the best. He doesn't get laid very often, and everything else is sort of boring. Things are about to change in a big way when he finds a robot that looks like a girl. The robot needs quite a bit of work, but that doesn't deter him from putting quite a bit of effort into it. This is a story about a lonely guy and a robot that can satisfy his needs. It's not all peaches and cream since there are plenty of obstacles he's got to overcome after his new robot friend is up and running. 041b061a72


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