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Have you got enough insurance to protect your family and lifestyle?

With insurance, it’s good to know you and your loved ones will be financially sound if the unexpected happened.

Why do I need insurance?

The one thing you can count on in life is that things won’t always go according to plan. So why not protect yourself and your loved ones?

Having the right insurance to cover you and your family is the cornerstone of any financial plan. It gives you certainty when you need it most.

Protecting your lifestyle

Taking out insurance – or even reviewing it – may not be a high priority for you just now. But imagine what you could lose if things go wrong.

What if you suffered an injury in a road accident or an illness such as cancer, how would you cope then?

You may think your existing insurance inside super is enough, but it might not be.

The right insurance allows you to keep your plans, and all your hard-earned cash, even if the very worst happens.

We will help you work out the right level and types of insurance for you.

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How much is enough?

Have you got enough insurance?

Estimate your potential insurance needs with Merlin's simple and easy to use calculator:

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  • Not sure which is insurer is right for you and your family?

For information on how we calculated these coverages, please contact us. This illustration is General Information only. Please obtain personalised insurance advice from a qualified Financial Adviser.

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Protect your greatest asset – your income

When you think about it, your ability to earn an income is one of your most valuable assets.

Protect your family and lifestyle with lump sum insurance

If you become sick or injured and take time off work, meaning your household earnings are reduced to just one income (or none at all if you are the sole provider), a lump sum paid from your insurance can help you cope financially.

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Changing circumstances

One of the amazing things about life is how quickly things can change. And when they do, it’s important to reconsider your financial plans.

Whatever your new circumstances may be, there’s a good chance your insurance needs may have changed as well.

So, whether you’ve had a baby, moved home, been promoted at work or are preparing to pay your kids’ education costs, talk to your Merlin Financial adviser about the best way to revise your insurance strategy.

Introducing our Personal Protection Philosophy

Life is unpredictable. Even when you are careful, you can’t always prevent serious illness or injury. What you can do is make sure that — if the worst happens — you and your family have the financial security you need.

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About personal insurance by Merlin MoneyWise

Personal insurance helps keep your financial plan on track against life’s mishaps. 
Insurance can provide a cost-effective method of providing personal wealth protection and can help you protect your family and yourself if you die prematurely or suffer illness, medical crisis or injury.

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