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Where Can I Buy Grommets

"The quality of the tool is great. It worked so well for our application and the grommets add a finished touch. Thanks again for your excellent service. I will be ordering again soon."Bill B, Stimpson 405

where can i buy grommets

A grommet is similar to an eyelet in that grommets are also circular rings. However, grommets can be attached to textiles with interior, outdoor, or industrial purposes for longer wear-and-tear. Grommets can be used for curtains, tarps, sails, tents, drapery, banners, and flags. Rope of metal rods can be pulled through the fabric that is protected by grommets.

Eyelets or grommets can either be one-piece self backing, or be two-pieces with washers. Both require tools to attach them permanently to a fabric. For fabrics, eyelets and grommets that come in two-pieces provide a more finished look. For small eyelets or grommets, a hammer and anvil setter can be helpful tools, you can choose the appropriate size. Larger grommets can be attached using a heavy-duty press and a die set that can vary depending on the size of your grommets. This is recommended for larger scale production.

Many of our eyelets and grommets come in packs of 100 and 1000. The price for packs of 100 is $4.99. Packs of 1000 are eligible for a 50% discount for $24.95. Prices for novelty grommets that have a unique shape, or style vary. Please view the specific product you are interested in for more pricing details on our website:

We are a professional rubber grommets manufacturer with more than 20 years experience, producing over 18,000+ kinds of rubber products for our customers. We have an experienced team who can solve various problems from design to production. For any special shaped rubber grommets, fastest 48 hours can be achieved from design prototype to production samples.

Rubber grommets are a kind of accessories of the wiring equipment. There are used for wires through in the middle of holes. The purpose is to protect the wires from being cut easily by sharp plate cuttings, and at the same time, it is dustproof and waterproof. It is widely used in various fields such as electronics, electrical appliances, machinery, sports equipment, furniture, and lighting.

There are many types of rubber materials for the production of rubber grommets. Commonly used materials are Nitrile rubber, Natural rubber, Neoprene, Silicone and fluororubber. Hardness is mostly 30-60 Shore A. Customers can customize rubber grommets of different rubber materials according to the needs of their products.

Buna-N GrommetsIt is the BEST material for oil resistance compared with other rubber material. For the rubber grommets which needs to be contacted with oil, it is best to use NBR. NBR has a relatively low volume resistance and is a semiconductor rubber material which having antistatic properties.

Neoprene GrommetsThe neoprene rubber grommets have excellent heat resistance, ozone aging resistance and weather resistance. It is suitable for outdoor products and work under the sunlight. As the flame retardant performance of neoprene is very good, it is also recommended to use this material for high flame retardancy products.

Silicone GrommetsSilicone is suitable for brightly colored grommets. It is safe and environmentally friendly. It can be food contact and skin touch directly. As it does not adhere to human tissues, it has anticoagulant effect. It is also particularly suitable to made in medical products.

Grommets often serve a dual purpose in a project, a perfect blend of form and function. They add a certain industrial or modern look; in fact, sometimes their only job is to look cool as an embellishment. But, they usually have very defined purposes as channels, handle anchors, and more. You see grommets on garments, accessories, and certainly in plenty of home décor items.

You can use also grommets in combination with other metal finishes. In our Ribbon Flap Shoulder Bag tutorial, we used grommets to secure the base of the shoulder strap. The metal of the side grommets complimented the twist lock closure on the front flap and added a very professional finish.

A pair of grommets is a classic way to create and/or finish a drawstring channel. We used this technique in our Fleece Lined Shoe Bag as well as with small, colored eyelets for a set of Drawstring Gift Bags.

Once you mark the position of the grommets, you need to cut a precisely-sized hole (more on this in the steps below). Depending on the size of the grommet, that hole might be very tiny. Very sharp scissors or an Xacto knife are key to precise cutting.

Since you do have to actually hammer the grommets to secure them in place, you need a strong, sturdy work surface. Your glass coffee table would not be a good choice. A sturdy table or counter, or even the floor would be better.

said nothing about the setting of the pliers. Was all about the grommets. i have the tools and stuff but have been looking for what parts to put in the pliers to install the grommets. My search unfortunately continues.

Stimpson Rolled Rim Grommets and Spur Washers interlock, their teeth grasping the material, to provide a rugged, unyielding setting. Available in brass and zinc. Ask about the sizes of rolled rim grommets that are offered in stainless steel.

Clear Tarps with Grommets or pockets that fit any opening both large and small. Waterproof and made of slick Vinyl that is reinforced on the edges with belt webbing to for industrial strength which makes them last much longer (Only clear tarp curtains have the webbing, opaque material is inherently strong so it is not needed). Made for residential, commercial and industrial uses. Used for gazebos, patios, bars, decks, loading docks, pavilions and many other outdoor areas. The clear tarp curtains are also suitable for long exposures to direct sunlight and high heat waves as they are UV rated. They feature grommets, pockets and even zipper splits for quick access.

Snaps Screw On: Rust resistant, on corners + every 18" (If you need different spacing just tell us on the notes portion of the order form). Snaps have a matting screw that you screw into your structure. Not ideal for tarps in high wind areas or larger than 10' due to the weight of the tarp. Some forms don't call out snaps as an option as they are new this year, if you want snaps, just select grommets on the order form and then in the special notes tell us you want snaps. We will make the change.

Snaps Stick On: Adhesive snaps allow you to stick on an adhesive base to your structure then the tarp snaps onto those bases. These are ideal when drilling into your structure is not possible or idea. For instance attaching to aluminum screen enclosures and vinyl siding. As such, using a 1.60" wide stick on adhesive snap can work well for hanging your tarps. Snaps must be requested when ordering. Video overview. Not ideal for tarps in high wind areas or larger than 10' due to the weight of the tarp. Some forms don't call out stick on snaps as an option as they are new this year, if you want snaps, just select grommets on the order form and then in the special notes tell us you want stick on snaps. We will make the change. Adds about $2 per snap location.

I ordered 3 tarps in different sizes to enclose my covered deck as an extra room for the winter months here in Ohio. Made exactly to the dimensions I asked for. I know it won't keep the deck as warm as a real sunroom but it will allow me the opportunity to sit out on my deck furniture to watch the snows and nature. I find it extremely transparent. Thick material. Took my friend and myself to put up as it does have some weight to it. Heavy edging around the sides ... and grommets about every 18 inches or so. Heavy winds and rains last night and it stood up great against both. Communication from the company was great ... would definitely buy this item from this company again without hesitation. - Charles R. South

I purchased two clear curtain tarps to block the wind on our covered porch. They were cut to size and had grommets just as asked. They also responded ded to questions I had while ordering rather quickly. They were even able to add custom zippers (at a fair additional price). The quality of the sticking appears to be ok, would have preferred a more heavy duty stitch I. Both the zippers and the perimeter webbing. I've only had then for a month and so far they work as intended. I'm purchasing a third panel to fully enclose the porch with a more intricate design. - kristopher m.

We were looking to install clear vinyl shades on our screened in porch so that we could use it year round. After contacting a couple of companies for custom quotes, we found Akon on Amazon. The quotes were over $2000 for custom retractable weather screens. Akon provided us with custom vinyl tarps which provide the same protection for about $600. Instead of the standard grommets, Akon installed snap closures into the vinyl tarps. We mounted the snaps around the periphery of our porch which makes mounting and removing the tarps a breeze. We are very happy with the final results. - M. Champney

"THE BEST!!! Hands Down!!. The curtains have stronger grommets and the vinyl is the best quality that we have seen. The service is also top notch and we have answers to our questions instantly. You can tell this is a well run company and they have taken care of all the projects that we have thrown at them." - Mike Richards

Buckram is a stiff nonwoven header tape that will beef up the outer fabric, protecting it from tearing as grommets are added. Buckram will also support the weight of the grommets themselves and also make the curtain make nice little vertical curtain folds.

A little history. I'm 83 years old, sewed with obsession for many years but became too busy & hadn't sewn (except for mending) for many more years. When I became a widow & had to move from my home to an apartment, I picked up where I had left off & sew for my neighbors regularly as well as myself. Decided to make a fabric "Quiet Book" for a new great grandchild & the pages are held in via eyelets. Making the pages was a challenge, but when finished I was fearful of being able to put in the eyelets as I hadn't done it in years & didn't remember how. Found you on the internet to refresh. Not having the tools you mentioned, I used the hammer method w/the little tools that came w/the eyelets & they came out perfect - on both sides. Thanks for the primer! 041b061a72


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