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Download MikroC for Free and Unlock Its Amazing Features

MikroC A Powerful and Easy-to-Use IDE for PIC Microcontrollers

If you are looking for a full-featured ANSI C compiler for PIC devices from Microchip, you should check out MikroC This is the latest version of the popular IDE that supports over 800 PIC microcontrollers and offers many hardware and software libraries, code examples, and debugging tools.

In this article, we will give you an overview of MikroC and its features, and show you how to download it for free and start coding.


What is MikroC?

MikroC is an integrated development environment (IDE) that allows you to write, compile, debug, and program C code for PIC microcontrollers. It is designed to make programming easier and faster, with a user-friendly interface, code editor, code generator, code assistant, code explorer, and more.

MikroC also provides a rich set of libraries that cover various aspects of PIC programming, such as LCD, GLCD, TFT, touch panel, keyboard, buttons, ADC, DAC, PWM, SPI, I2C, UART, USB, CAN, Ethernet, RTC, EEPROM, flash memory, and more. You can use these libraries to simplify your code and save time.

Moreover, MikroC supports various debugging tools that help you test and troubleshoot your code. You can use the built-in simulator to run your code without hardware, or use the hardware debugger to connect your PIC device to the PC and monitor its behavior in real time. You can also use the logic analyzer to capture and analyze digital signals.

What's New in MikroC

MikroC is the latest version of the IDE that was released in September 2011. It introduces some new features and improvements over the previous versions, such as:

  • Support for new PIC devices: PIC12F617-I/PDIP8; PIC16F1823-I/SS20; PIC16F1824-I/SS20; PIC16F1825-I/SS20; PIC16F1826-I/SS20; PIC16F1827-I/SS20; PIC16F1828-I/SS20; PIC16F1829-I/SS20; PIC18F13K22-I/PDIP20; PIC18F14K22-I/PDIP20; PIC18F23K22-I/PDIP28; PIC18F24K22-I/PDIP28; PIC18F25K22-I/PDIP28; PIC18F26K22-I/PDIP28; PIC18F43K22-I/PDIP40; PIC18F44K22-I/PDIP40; PIC18F45K22-I/PDIP40; PIC18F46K22-I/PDIP40.

  • Support for new hardware tools: mikromedia for dsPIC33 board; mikromedia for dsPIC33 bootloader; mikromedia for dsPIC33 programmer/debugger.

  • Improved code generator: added support for new devices and libraries; added option to generate project files for MPLAB IDE.

  • Improved code editor: added option to insert comments with Ctrl+Q shortcut; added option to toggle comment/uncomment with Ctrl+Shift+Q shortcut; added option to indent/unindent selected block with Tab/Shift+Tab shortcuts.

  • Improved simulator: added support for new devices and libraries; added option to simulate external interrupts on RB0 pin.

  • Improved logic analyzer: added option to save captured data as CSV file.

  • Improved documentation: updated library descriptions and examples.

How to Download MikroC for Free?

If you want to try MikroC for free, you can download it from the official website of MikroElektronika. The free version has some limitations compared to the paid version, such as:

Limited code size: up to 2 KB for baseline devices (PIC10/12/16); up ad790ac5ba


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