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Busy 21 4.3: What's New and How to Update

For RS-PCC scanner software or hardware issues, on the reverse side of each copy of supplemental Form 795-A, write "RS-PCC is down, payment delayed due to scanner software or scanner hardware issue" and date of approval to transship by area or HQ.

GASMO automatically updates so users will receive the new version over the following days. If you have disabled automatic updates, or if you installed a version that doesn't include automatic updates (the Enterprise MSI version of GASMO), you can get the latest version from our download page.

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For a small number of binary packages you need to install additionalsoftware and have its DLLs in your PATH. Windows will normallygive an informative message about a certain DLL not being found. See for alisting of some of these packages (notably RGtk2, cairoDevice,rggobi, rJava, rjags and some of the packages connecting to databases).

In many cases installing packages from the sources is not at alldifficult (it is simple if the package contains no compiled code), soplease attempt that for yourself before requesting help from the busyvolunteers. See also Q4.1.

As of R 3.6, when the workspace is loaded, the characters in other encodingsare converted to the current encoding, if possible. When this is notpossible, such as the characters are not representable in such encodings,they are converted to UTF-8 with a warning, which may cause some disruptionor confuse some software.

The documentation set for this product strives to use bias-free language. For the purposes of this documentation set, bias-free is defined as language that does not imply discrimination based on age, disability, gender, racial identity, ethnic identity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, and intersectionality. Exceptions may be present in the documentation due to language that is hardcoded in the user interfaces of the product software, language used based on RFP documentation, or language that is used by a referenced third-party product. Learn more about how Cisco is using Inclusive Language.

The ctr binary shipping with the static packages of this release is notstatically linked, and will not run in Docker images using alpine as a baseimage. Users can install the libc6-compat package, or download a previousversion of the ctr binary as a workaround. Refer to the containerd ticketrelated to this issue for more details: containerd/containerd#5824.

From: Paul Smith To:, bug-make-AT-gnu.orgSubject: GNU make 4.3 released!Date: Sun, 19 Jan 2020 17:42:52 -0500Message-ID: Cc: coordinator-AT-translationproject.orgArchive-link: Article -------------------------------------------------------------------- GNU make is a tool which controls the generation of executables and other non-source files of a program from the program's source files. You can learn more at: --------------------------------------------------------------------The next stable release of GNU make, 4.3, is available now for download: d5c40e7bd1e97a7404f5d3be982f479a make-4.3.tar.lz (1.3M) fc7a67ea86ace13195b0bce683fd4469 make-4.3.tar.gz (2.3M)You can obtain a copy from: can choose a nearby mirror: list of mirror sites is available: - NEWS ----------------------------------------------------------------Version 4.3 (19 Jan 2020)A complete list of bugs fixed in this version is available here: =make&report_i...* WARNING: Backward-incompatibility! Number signs (#) appearing inside a macro reference or function invocation no longer introduce comments and should not be escaped with backslashes: thus a call such as: foo := $(shell echo '#') is legal. Previously the number sign needed to be escaped, for example: foo := $(shell echo '\#') Now this latter will resolve to "\#". If you want to write makefiles portable to both versions, assign the number sign to a variable: H := \# foo := $(shell echo '$H') This was claimed to be fixed in 3.81, but wasn't, for some reason. To detect this change search for 'nocomment' in the .FEATURES variable.* WARNING: Backward-incompatibility! Previously appending using '+=' to an empty variable would result in a value starting with a space. Now the initial space is only added if the variable already contains some value. Similarly, appending an empty string does not add a trailing space.* NOTE: Deprecated behavior. Contrary to the documentation, suffix rules with prerequisites are being treated BOTH as simple targets AND as pattern rules. Further, the prerequisites are ignored by the pattern rules. POSIX specifies that in order to be a suffix rule there can be no prerequisites defined. In this release if POSIX mode is enabled then rules with prerequisites cannot be suffix rules. If POSIX mode is not enabled then the previous behavior is preserved (a pattern rule with no extra prerequisites is created) AND a warning about this behavior is generated: warning: ignoring prerequisites on suffix rule definition The POSIX behavior will be adopted as the only behavior in a future release of GNU make so please resolve any warnings.* New feature: Grouped explicit targets Pattern rules have always had the ability to generate multiple targets with a single invocation of the recipe. It's now possible to declare that an explicit rule generates multiple targets with a single invocation. To use this, replace the ":" token with "&:" in the rule. To detect this feature search for 'grouped-target' in the .FEATURES special variable. Implementation contributed by Kaz Kylheku * New feature: .EXTRA_PREREQS variable Words in this variable are considered prerequisites of targets but they are not added to any of the automatic variable values when expanding the recipe. This variable can either be global (applies to all targets) or a target-specific variable. To detect this feature search for 'extra-prereqs' in the .FEATURES special variable. Implementation contributed by Christof Warlich * Makefiles can now specify the '-j' option in their MAKEFLAGS variable and this will cause make to enable that parallelism mode.* GNU make will now use posix_spawn() on systems where it is available. If you prefer to use fork/exec even on systems where posix_spawn() is present, you can use the --disable-posix-spawn option to configure. Implementation contributed by Aron Barath * Error messages printed when invoking non-existent commands have been cleaned up and made consistent.* The previous limit of 63 jobs under -jN on MS-Windows is now increased to 4095. That limit includes the subprocess started by the $(shell) function.* A new option --no-silent has been added, that cancels the effect of the -s/--silent/--quiet flag.* A new option -E has been added as a short alias for --eval.* All wildcard expansion within GNU make, including $(wildcard ...), will sort the results. See * Interoperate with newer GNU libc and musl C runtime libraries.* Performance improvements provided by Paolo Bonzini GNU make Developer News* Import the GNU standard bootstrap script to replace the hand-rolled "make update" method for building code from a GNU make Git repository.* Rework the source distribution to move source files into the src/* subdirectory. This aligns with modern best practices in GNU.* Replace local portability code with Gnulib content. Unfortunately due to a problem with Gnulib support for getloadavg, this forces a requirement on Automake 1.16 or above in order to build from Git. See README.git.- Log -----------------------------------------------------------------Aron Barath (4): * src/makeint.h: Use pid_t to store PIDs, of int. * Check for spawn.h and posix_spawn() * Check for posix_spawnattr_setsigmask * job.c (child_execute_job): Prefer posix_spawn() over fork()/exec()Ben Hutchings (1): * src/arscan.c (ar_scan): [SV 54395] Allow long names in archives.Ben Wijen (2): * bootstrap.bat: Fix typo in batch file name * src/misc.c (spin): On WINDOWS32 use Sleep() instead of sleep()Bernhard M. Wiedemann (1): * src/read.c (parse_file_seq): [SV 52076] Sort wildcard results.Christian Eggers (1): [SV 56449] (Windows) Use slow path if '%' appears in the commandChristoph Schulz (1): * main.c (switches): [SV 48809] Accept obsolete jobserver flag.Dmitry Goncharov (1): * tests/ Enhance error messagesEli Zaretskii (9): Avoid compiler warnings with MinGW runtime 3.22.2 Update the Guile version tested with the MS-Windows build. Only include strings.h in MinGW builds * NEWS: Mention the extended support for -jN on MS-Windows. [SV 50021] Avoid infloop on MS-Windows with short scripts Avoid crashes when SHELL=abcde is specified on the command line Fix checking existence of directories on MS-Windows Fix MS-Windows MinGW build Revert "[SV 56449] (Windows) Use slow path if '%' appears in the command"Enrique Olaizola (2): * tests/ [SV 50902] Find Perl modules * read.c (read_all_makefiles): [SV 50909] Add MAKEFILES to strcacheFlorian Weimer (1): * (HAVE_GETTIMEOFDAY): Avoid undeclared exit function.Jaak Ristioja (2): * w32/*/dirent.*: [SV 49111] Remove unused telldir() * expand.c (variable_append): [SV 49113] Possible null ptr derefJouke Witteveen (3): * src/implicit.c (pattern-search): Remove unneeded 'dir' variable * src/implicit.c (pattern_search): Set lastslash correctly [SV 54161] Fix second expansion of $* for pathsKaz Kylheku (1): [SV 8297] Implement "grouped targets" for explicit rules.Marc Ullman (1): Support more than 63 jobs on MS-WindowsMartin Dorey (2): * main.c (main): [SV 49935] Fix uninitialized variable. * job.c (child_execute_job): [SV 49938] Avoid spurious GCC warning.Mike Haboustak (1): [SV 28456] Don't override $

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