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Description===============The add-on might not work on Anki 2.1.50+.The latest compatible version is Anki 2.1.49.The list of Google & Azure voices will be outdated.It's unknown when it will be updated.===============This is an unofficial upload of the AwesomeTTS add-on with Google Cloud Text-to-Speech support added.For more information about the AwesomeTTS add-on please see - main AwesomeTTS repository has a new maintainer now and a new AnkiWeb page with some changes and a few new services added, including Microsoft Azure - -10-20 About half a year ago Microsoft Azure added a number of high quality voices, e.g. en-GB-LibbyNeural. They might sound significantly better than Google Cloud Text-to-Speech. The free tier is 0.5 million characters per month. -us/services/cognitive-services/text-to-speech/ -us/pricing/details/cognitive-services/speech-services/2021-04-09 This add-on now supports Microsoft Azure too (on Anki 2.1.41+). The API key is required. For more information please see -anki-addon/wiki/Microsoft-Azure-Text-to-SpeechA BUILT-IN TEXT TO SPEECHFor Anki 2.1.20+ and AnkiMobile there's also a built-in Text to Speech support - -to-speech-support.htmlAnki 2.1.29+ additionally includes cloze-only: template filter - > Add cloze-only: template filter, which can be combined with TTS to speak only the elided part.For on-the-fly TTS on AnkiDroid see Text to Speech at _workaroundsHOW TO USE1. Create an API key for Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API. It may look something like this:1.1. Create a new project.1.2. Add a valid payment method.1.3. Create an API key.1.4. Activate Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API.For more information please see - -keys#creating_an_api_key2. Paste it in the AwesomeTTS add-on.ADDITIONAL INFORMATIONIf you're doing your reviews on AnkiDroid or Anki 2.1, maybe consider replacing mp3 with ogg in the add-on's source code.> The quality of the encoding is considerably higher than MP3 while using approximately the same bitrate.Please see the feedback from 09.03.2020 for how to do it.According to Pricing and Quotas & Limits, a monthly free tier for WaveNet voices is limited to 1 million characters (23 hours). It looks like it can be temporarily increased via Google Cloud Platform Free Tier.DEMO API KEYThe following API key could be still valid and can be used with the add-on as long as it doesn't exceed 20-300 requests per minute and 0.5-1 million characters monthly free tier (shared among all users).(Azure) 04150fba6fe14e51b5d2352786734a57 (15.04.2021 - 06.10.2021, no longer working)(Google) AIzaSyBm7NinfOuybtq-WWkcFMoiHHxMz60qxj0 (21.02.2019 - 03.03.2021, no longer working)At your own risk, it's also possible to use the Google API explorer key for a limited number of requests. For more information, please see -anki-addon/pull/30CHANGES2019-02-20 Add Google Cloud Text-to-Speech2019-07-09 Update the list of supported voices2019-11-07 Add Mandarin Chinese to the list of supported voices2019-11-07 Support 3-letter language code2020-01-03 Fix "SSL: CERTIFICATE_VERIFY_FAILED" on macOS2020-01-25 Fix on-the-fly TTS2020-01-26 Add basic support for Anki 2.1.20 - -02-03 Fix for Anki 2.1.20beta72020-02-04 Ignore AnkiDroid TTS tag - _workarounds (Text to Speech)2020-02-23 Automatically populate the input field of the note editor dialog2020-02-24 Switch from text to ssml2020-04-11 Add audio device profile2020-04-11 Fix Oxford Dictionary (thanks to @AntoineQ1)2020-04-12 Fix service failed: '...' attribute is required2020-04-14 Preserve 'config.db' between the updates2020-05-13 Tell which note failed to be processed (thanks to @evandrocoan)2020-05-19 Disables the Anki progress bar before using our progress bar on Anki 2.1.26 (thanks to @evandrocoan)2020-05-25 Add missing parameters to fail= callback (thanks to @evandrocoan)2020-05-31 Add support for Google API explorer key (thanks to @hieplpvip)2020-06-08 Update Google Translate voices2020-06-08 Update Google Text-to-Speech voices2020-06-08 Fix "Error on my first review each time I flip the card" (thanks to @evandrocoan)2020-07-05 Add "speed" option to Google Translate (thanks to @evandrocoan)2020-07-12 Apply custom substitution rules before converting html to text2020-09-17 Fix for Anki 2.1.28+2020-10-18 Fix Wiktionary (No response for web request)2020-10-20 Fix Wiktionary (Use ogg to find transcoded mp3 file)2021-03-17 Fix for Anki 2.1.41+2021-04-09 Add Microsoft Azure Text to Speech2021-04-11 Update Google Cloud Text-to-Speech voices2021-06-17 Remove Oddcast TTSSSMLFor example, SSML can be used with cards that contain cloze deletions to add some silence or some sound instead of cloze deletion on the front side of the card by using "Tools - AwesomeTTS - Text - Handling ... Text - Advanced" and replacing ... with or or with _____ to say "blank".- - -to-speech/docs/ssml#break- -to-speech/docs/ssml#audio- -library/cartoon- -library/#terms-and-conditionsISSUESPlease submit any relevant issues here, by email or via GitHub - -anki-addon/issuesNOTESI was paid to make the initial version in 2019. All credit goes to Hieu who hired me and the AwesomeTTS team for all their work on the add-on and Krassowski for updating the add-on for Anki 2.1.This is pretty much a temporary upload for an easy install of AwesomeTTS add-on with Google Cloud TTS support.2020-10-20 The above statement is no longer true. The add-on has a few existing issues that I'd like to fix someday, but it's a lower priority at the moment, I'd need to figure out how to do it and it might take some time.DONATE & SUPPORTNickolay Nonard Download As add-ons are programs downloaded from the internet, they are potentially malicious. You should only download add-ons you trust.

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